Mole Control

For both domestic & agricultural customers, moles can present a serious problem. From the contamination of a farmer’s silage through to the destruction of a home-owners well tended lawn, a mole problem can be a costly affair if left unattended.

At Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control, Kevin offers a variety of treatments and procedures designed to kill moles. For more information on mole control & mole trapping contact Kevin today on 07548 921 228 or send an email via the contact page. Yorkshire Worlds Pest Control provides mole control services 7 days a week.


Mole Trapping

Different customers have different circumstances, which in turn means the appropriate methods are needed to successfully get rid of moles. On completion of a site survey, Kevin will advice on the best method available to neutralise the problem.

The methods used to kill moles vary. Mole trapping & control can often be the most effective means to eradicate the pests; however it may not be entirely practical to lay traps over a large area of a farmer’s field. In these scenarios a programme of gassing the mole tunnels may be more appropriate. Either way, Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control ensures that the best methods are used and, through a program of return inspections, makes sure the mole problem is dealt with effectively.

Because health & safety is at the heart of Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control, Kevin ensures the customer is always made aware of the methods used to kill moles. Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of nearby children and domestic animals & for this reason alone you should ensure you use a qualified professional when dealing with mole control.

Pest Management

If you are in need of professional pest management services in the Yorkshire region, then contact Kevin Spink of Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control today on 07548 921 228. All enquiries receive a first response within 2 hours of call. If preferred, send an email via our contacts page.

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