Rat Control

Rats can pose a serious risk to both domestic customers & commercial entities. They are a major hazard to health and spread many forms of disease, some of which can be fatal. Besides this, it’s not uncommon to find they have chewed through piping, electrical cables, wood work & caused serious structural damage. All of this means professional rat control is a must!

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Rat Infestation

Because rats have excellent survival abilities it is important that you obtain the help of a professional to deal with any colony. Their ability to climb, burrow & jump combined with their rapid breeding pattern make catching rats very challenging, hence the importance of rat control measures being put in place at the first signs of rodent activity.

To assist in neutralising a rat infestation, Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control offers a site survey whereby the most appropriate means of pest management will be decided. This can vary from laying poison bait stations to kill rats through to live catch traps. Often a program of return visits to monitor progress is required. To ensure the safety of customers, Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control only uses professional rodenticides which are inedible to humans & provide tamper proof traps.

Pest Prevention

To prevent a rat problem in the first instance or to deter rats from returning, Kevin also provides a wide range of Rodent Proofing options to better protect your premises. During a site survey Kevin can advise on how to make common entry points less accessible, block of hidden holes or protect doorways. Bait stations can also be deployed in strategic locations to ensure complete peace of mind.

If you require assistance in neutralising a rat infestation or want to proof your premises against rodents, contact Kevin at Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control today on 07548 921228 for professional rat control.

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