Squirrel Trapping

Squirrels are another rodent which can be a nuisance to home owners & wild life preserves. Whilst undeniably cute, the little acrobatic rodents are a threat to forestry land due to their habit of removing tree bark.

Squirrels in Loft

In residential and commercial buildings, squirrels pose a similar problem as rats and mice. Structural damage can and is caused by squirrels taking residence within a building. Like any other rodent, squirrels will chew through electrics and other structures causing considerable damage, both financially and physically.

Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control recognises the problems caused by squirrels and as such provides a thorough squirrel control regime to combat this. The most successful and common method for squirrel control is to set traps so that the squirrels can be disposed off in a humane fashion.

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