Wasp Nest Removal

A wasps nest can often be found in household attics, garden sheds, barns, factories & literally anywhere that their presence is considered a nuisance!

To combat this summer & autumn time annoyance, Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control offers wasp nest removal, 7 days a week, to both domestic & commercial customers. For more information or to book our pest services call 07548921228 today or send us a message.

Wasp Control

From June until July most wasp activity is nothing more than a nuisance as wasps will, for the most part, mind their own business. During these summer months the wasp could be regarded more as a flying insect killer than a pest, as they focus on catching prey and building their nests. However, if at this early stage you feel the need for removal, it can be done.


As the summer months roll by however, a wasps nest can grow significantly. What was the size of a golf ball in May can end up being the size of a small armchair by September and sustain a colony of over 10,000 wasps! At that stage, picking up a can of wasp killer to remove the wasp nest is not advisable and you should consult a professional exterminator immediately for effective wasp control!

Wasp Removal

Whilst Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control can advice on the use of bait traps & screening to prevent foraging wasps from entering buildings, the preferred method of wasp removal is to neutralise the nest. The entrance to the nest can be a small hole; either on a roof, in a tree, in a wall; or the nest can simply be attached to a structure. Either way, it will be instantly recognisable by the volume of flying insects leaving & entering the nest.


Remove Wasp Nest

Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control uses a variety of methods for neutralising a wasp nest. Dusting is an effective method, where by an insecticidal powder is applied around and into the entrance of the nest. The effect is not instant & relies on returning wasps to drag the insecticide deep into the colony. The wasp’s nest could cease to be active within 24 hours of treatment. Surface spraying is another option; where by a liquid insecticide is sprayed liberally around a nest or directly inside.

As with all work carried out by Yorkshire Wolds Pest Control, Kevin will advise on the most appropriate treatment for the customer’s circumstances, ensuring the most effective method is used whilst not harming any friendly species that also may be present in the same area as the nest.

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